Cybercartography competition 2022


Developing exemplary cybercartographic representations


AGILE, ICA and ISPRS co-organized the Exemplary Cybercartographic Representations Competition 2022. The aim of the competition was to showcase novel tools and advancements in cybercartography from a practical perspective, to complement the theoretical work on the topic. The competition attracted submissions from members of the international geospatial and cybercartographic community that highlight the latest developments in the field.

The entries have been examined and evaluated by a panel of experts, representing AGILE, ICA and ISPRS. The results of the competition will be announced at the AGILE 2022 Conference in Vilnius during the CYBERCARTOGRAPHY 2022 Workshop. All accepted entries will be included in a Special Issue Online Scrapbook. Awards will be issued by the AGILE-ICA-ISPRS Organization Committee receiving wide publicity in all scientific communities and forums involved. To those winners of the best three entries attending the AGILE conference, there is an additional grant by the AGILE Council for their participation.

The competition is an initiative of the Cybercartographies project (HFRI-FM17-2661) of the National Technical University of Athens, an AGILE member.