Initiative - Reproducible Publications at AGILE Conferences

€6000 - Daniel Nüst (University of Münster, Germany) with Frank Ostermann, and Rusne Sileryte, in collaboration with council members Carlos Granell* and Barbara Hofer*

This funding is being used to support the development of protocols for publishing reproducible research in AGILE conference publications. The aim to support and improve the way we describe our science and to enhance the usefulness of AGILE conference publications to the wider community. The potential benefits of this include greater research transparency, enhanced citations of published articles and increased relevance of the conference in the field. The funding will support a workshop attended by domain experts to develop author and reviewer guidelines that will be presented at the AGILE 2019 conference. 

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News are spread on Twitter: #reproducibleagile

Draft guidelines available there:

* Carlos and Barbara will not be supported by these monies.