Initiative - Women In Copernicus

Description: Women in Copernicus will collect the views of women and men on the issue of gender balance and inclusion in the EO*GI sector (survey 2.0) , going beyond the results obtained in an earlier survey conducted only to women.

There are some overarching benefits from which the European EO*GI community will benefit in the long term:

  • To foster the creation of more gender-balanced and inclusive working environments in the Geospatial/Geoinformation domain.
  • To shed light about the main differences between males and females’ perceptions about gender and inclusion, to better understand how to tackle inequalities and address them
  • To invite the EO*GI community to discover (still existing) gender issues in the sector and take action joining forces. 

Funding: 1550 €

Expected start date: June 2021
Expected end date: August 2023 

Project Team: 

Aida Monfort Muriach (geotec, Universitat Jaume I, AGILE member)
Barbara Riedler (Z_GIS, Paris Lodron Universität Salzburg, AGILE member) 
Nathalie Stephenne (Public Services of Wallonia)
Marie Jagaille (GIS BreTel)
Natassa Antoniou (EARSC)
Grazia Fiore (EURISY)
Kathin Lenvain (AZO - Space of Innovation)
Flávia de Souza Mendes (Planet)
Estefanía Aguilar Moreno


  • A global report of the results of survey 2.0 sponsored by AGILE and published on the WiC webpage.
  • Workshop at AGILE 2023 to present the results of the survey 2.0, and discuss strategies to  promote greater diversity, inclusion, and equity in the public and private sectors of the GIS and Earth Observation fields.