AGILE 2017

AGILE 2017 Wageningen, the Netherlands

AGILE conference 2017

Celebrating 20 years of GIS research!

AGILE 2017 is the annual international conference on Geographic Information Science. Topics cover Big Spatial Data: Analysis and Visualization, Volunteered Geographic Information and Community Observatories, Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of GI and GIScience and Technology Education and Training to name just a view.

Each year the conference is given a theme. The 2017 conference theme was ‘Societal Geo-Innovation’. Because of the Societal Geo-Innovation conference theme sessions were organized to pay special attention to developments and applications that contribute to the first 5 goals of the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations.
Twenty years is an impressive time span in a rapidly changing society. The conference was a great event to discuss the embedding of geo-information in society: What has been the societal impact of geo-innovations over the past 20 years? What state-of-the art geo-information science topics will boost societal changes within the nearest future?

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