Initiative - Persistent Testbed

At the 2007 AGILE conference it was proposed to establish a persistent geospatial test-bed within the European research community. The initiative is now a joint effort of AGILE, EuroSDR and OGC. It acts as a platform for collaborative European research in geospatial interoperability: 1) To aid the assessment of current standards for geospatial interoperability in terms of research compatibility, completeness, consistency and ease of use and extensibility; 2) To provide an environment for teaching standards and techniques for geospatial interoperability; and 3) To provide a resource to AGILE/EuroSDR/OGC for the coordination of research requirements as well as definition, testing, validation and development of open standards. The test-bed aims to be distributed and comprise data, web services, hardware, software, tools and human resources. It is based upon both ISO/OGC geospatial standards and appropriate IT standards (e.g. from W3C and OASIS). Johannes Brauner from the TU Dresden is coordinating the initiative.

Further information:

Council: Lars Bernard, Lead: Johannes Brauner, Member 1: TU Dresden, Other Members: Nottingham, EDINA, [ITC, Minho (Braga), Jaume I]