AGILE 2022 - Hotel Information

Hotel Information

Vilnius offers a multitude of hotels providing high quality accommodation for all tastes. Most hotels in Vilnius are within long distance from the conference site, sorry about that. However University can be reached easily by public transportation and/or taxi.  

Early hotel reservation is highly recommended. It is the responsibility of the participants to directly contact the hotels and ensure their accommodation reservations.


- Each guest is responsible for their booking by emailing the hotel (please check the table below for more details).

- Please refer AGILE 2022 Conference in the reservation email so you may benefit of the discounted prices.

The following hotels have rooms available for the attendees of AGILE 2022 at special reduced rates (for a limited time only):


   Hotel Contact details    URL    Available rooms

   Price (in €) - Single room

(per night)

   Price (in €) - Twin/Double room

(per person/night)

  to be announced          
  to be announced          
  to be announced        
  to be announced          
  to be announced           
  to be announced           

*Please note that breakfast is included in all prices indicated above

*A national surcharge of 3€ per night is also applied by all hotels..



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