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Travel Information

AGILE 2022 will take place in the Vilnius city.

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, stands where the Neris and Vilnia rivers join, among tree-covered hills. The Old Town is one of the largest historic city centres in the Eastern Europe, and in 1994 it was included to the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Baroque squares and churches recall its importance as an international trading centre in the sixteenth century. Today, tall new buildings reflect the city’s development in the twenty-first century. More useful information: (recommended to study for first time visitors).



 Vilnius Airport is connected with number of flights per day with the probably all European countries. At the airport there are buses, car rentals and taxis to all reach all hotels in the city.

There are public buses from the airport to the city. Taxi service is available near the airport terminal. The cost of a taxi fare from the airport to centre of Vilnius is about 10-15 Euro (one-way). 

There are rent car facilities and cash withdrawal and exchange services through ATM at the Vilnius airport. 

The International Airport of Vilnius and the railway/bus stations are within the distances of 8 km and 5 km respectively from the hotels located in the city centre. Hotels from city centre have very convenient public transport connection with the venue of the workshop.

Vilnius trolleybuses (not buses; these are electric buses and use overhead wires) and buses start running at 5:30 in the morning and stop around 23:00. For bus and trolleybus timetables visit

The easiest way to reach the hotel (or city centre) from the airport is to take an express bus No.3G from the airport (G – means “express” (greitasis)) to the city centre. Ticket costs 1 EURO, purchase by cash from the driver. Remember that after purchase of the ticket, it must be marked (punched) at the bus/trolleybus validation device in the bus/trolley.


 You can browse Vilnius by interactive online mapping services or

Recommended Vilnius guide:





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