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17th AGILE Conference on Geographic Information Science

Travel Information

30% Train discount from/to Castellón available here (see instructions below)     

  1. General Information
  2. How to reach Castellón from Valencia Airport
  3. How to reach Castellón from Barcelona Airport
  4. You are in Castellón. And now, how do you get to the UJI?
  5. Intructions for Train Discount (only valid in
  6. Scheduled Buses

General Information

Castellón de la Plana is the capital of the province of Castellon, a pleasant, sunlit town that lies between the Desert de les Palmes hills and the Mediterranean Sea, and is surrounded by orange groves.

The province of Castellón mixes seaside and mountain landscapes. Castellón has a mild Mediterranean climate.

The city is situated 65 km north of Valencia and 285 south of Barcelona.
Castellón Map

How to reach Castellón from Valencia Airport

The nearest airport is Manises, in Valencia (60km). It is well connected by road (Non-Toll A7 Highway and N-340) and can also be reached by train or, from Valencia, metro.

The easiest way of travelling the distance between Castellón and Valencia is using a combination of subway (also known as Metro) and train service. Valencia subway net has 6 lines and all them converge in the city center. The airport has its own subway stop (called “Aeroport”) at one end of Lines 3 and 5, that are represented on green and red in this Metro Valencia network map. In the airport, you have to follow the metro sign that will lead you downstairs by elevator.

The city center is identified with a Metro stop called “Xàtiva”. This leg of the journey takes about 20 minutes and you have Metro service between airport and city center every 10-15 minutes. Please, when buying the ticket, remember that Airport is in “Zone D”, according to this map, so an ABCD-ticket (3.90€) must be bought.

Once you reach the city center, you have to go up to the street and you will be just in front of the train station, called “Estació del Nord” or North Station.  When you enter the train station you will see the ticket office on your right and ticket machines just in front of ticket office. You may buy either office or machine and it will cost you 5.6€ one-way ticket. There is a regular train service (regional C6 line is the cheapest) between Valencia and Castellón cities, so every 30-45 minutes there is one as can be seen here.  Please, consider that full name for Castellón city might appear on the ticket machine as “Castellón de la Plana”, do not be confused: it is the same destination. This leg of the journey takes around 1 hour. 30% Train discount from/to Castellón available here

Roughly, the full journey can take less than 10€: the Metro costs around 4€ while the train ticket is around 6€.

For your information: a taxi from Castellón train station to Benicassim costs about 20 euros.

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How to reach Castellón from Barcelona Airport

You might also arrive to Barcelona airport, take local train to "Barceona Sants" main train station, and then Talgo or Alvia train 2 hours to Benicassim or Castellón. If your hotel is in Benicassim then this is a good alternative. Most days to Benicassim there are trains at 11:00, 12:00, 15:00, 16:00, and 17:00 and 19:30. To Castellón there are more. 30% Train discount from/to Castellón available here.

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You are in Castellón. And now, how do you get to the UJI?

Due to the UJI’s proximity to the city of Castellón de la Plana and the train and bus station, as well as the urban layout of this area, and the many different means of transportation in the city, you can get to the campus either by public transportation, bicycle or by  walking.
The New Tram runs every five minutes from the train and bus station to the campus. The tram is an electric means of transportation that is comfortable, efficient and sustainable  and that has changed the University community’s habitual means of commuting. Tickets and passes can be purchased directly on the TRAM.
For more information : Tram Línea-T1 (PDF)
University Jaume I is connecte to the different zones of the city through the four buses lines. All of them have stops at the train and bus station. Tickets and the passes can be purchased directly on the bus.
For more information:
If you plan to go to the campus with your car, there are large landscaped parking areas.
Share your car to get to the campus and contribute to a clean environment.
The city’s bike path connects the train and bus station with the UJI. There are two free bike lending service at your disposal:
  • The BICICAS service run by Castellón’s city hall is an automated network of available bike locations with bike’s that you can use for up to two hours. You can check on the internet for the availability of bikes at each location.
  • The Sports Center at UJI offers a free bike lending service to the University Community.
The short distance that separates the UJI’s campus from the train and bus station, allows you to reach the campus in a pleasant 15 minutes walk and about a 25 minute walk from the city center. The University Avenue connecting the city has wide sidewalks and bike paths.

Intructions for Train Discount (only valid in

Go to
1/ On the left side of the screen, choose for return trip or single trip ("Ida y vuelta” or “ida”), choose your origin (“Origen”) and destination “Destino”, departure date and time (“Salida”) and return date and time (“Regreso”).
2/ Press on “Comprar” (buy). DO NOT FILL IN THE “Cod. Promocional” (you will need to do it later)!!
On the next screen:
3/  Choose your desired train, and indicate the tariff “F”. PLEASE NOTE: for some trains, better promotions are available; in case you want one of these promotions, you WILL NOT be able to additionally use the 30% conference discount. Choose what is best for you, depending on the train you want to take!
4/ Press “Continuar”
On the next screen:
5/ In tariff (“Tarifas y Descuentos disponibles”), change “Flexible” to “Congresos/Eventos”. NOTE: this ONLY works in case you choose the “F” tariff on the previous page. If you try it with another tariff, it will result in an error.
6/ An additional field appears “Número Autorización”. Fill in the Agile 2014 promotion code: 301408913
7/ Press “Recalcular el precio de la compra”
The new price (with 30% discount) now appears. Please continue you purchase process by clicking “Continuar”, and filling in your personal information on the next page.

AGILE Event Shuttle Buses

In addition to regular line buses between Benicasim and Castellón, and the option of a shared taxi (about 20 euros), the AGILE organization offers the following free shuttle buses:

Tuesday, June 3  (workshops at UJI and reception at Voramar)
08:30 bus from Voramar Hotel to UJI
18:00 bus from UJI to Voramar Hotel
19:00 bus from Hotel Luz to Voramar Hotel
21:00 bus from Voramar Hotel to Castellón Train Station
Wednesday, June 4
8:30 bus form Voramar Hotel to UJI
(afternoon: after the city walk people will disperse in several directions)
Thursday, June 5
08:30 bus from Voramar Hotel to UJI
18:00h bus from UJI to Voramar Hotel
20:00h bus from Voramar Hotel to Club Nautico (Gala dinner)
20:00h bus from Hotel Luz to Club Nautico
23:00h bus from Club Nautico to Voramar Hotel
23:00h bus from Club Nautico to Castellón Train Station
Friday, June 6
08:30 bus from Voramar Hotel to UJI
(people checking-out can take luggage on the bus)





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