AGILE Workshop Geospatial Thinking: Research, educational and societal aspects


Workshop Topics

Contributors are invited to submit short papers which topics include, but are not limited to:

  • spatial thinking

  • geospatial education

  • geospatial semantics in education

  • ICT platforms for spatial teaching and learning

  • open resources for geospatial education

  • digital agenda for Europe

  • ...



Agile Special Interest Group in Geospatial Thinking (


GEOTHNK project (, led by the National Technical University of Athens - OntoGeo Research Group (


Workshop Chairs

Chair: Prof. Marinos Kavouras, National Technical University of Athens, AGILE Council member

Co-chair: Prof. Lars Bernard, University of Dresde Germany, AGILE Council co-chair


Presentation slides

"Geospatial Thinking: Research, Education and Societal Challenges", Marinos Kavouras, NTUA [pdf]


"GI@School - Learning and Communicating with Geotechnologies", Vanessa Joy Anacta, WWU Münster [pdf]


"Scale and Context for Differentiating Spatial and Geospatial Thinking", Diana Sinton, USGS [pdf]


"Teaching Spatial Thinking from Interdisciplinary Perspectives - Spatial Thinking 2015 at COSIS 2015", Heather Burte, Tufts University [pdf]


"The Esri-AAG Geomentor", Joseph Kerski, ESRI  [pdf]


Further information are available at