On behalf of the AGILE council, we cordially invite you to participate at the 20th AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science, scheduled to take place in Wageningen University, The Netherlands!

AGILE 2017 builds on the success of previous conferences in this series held in Enschede (1998), Roma (1999), Helsinki/Espoo (2000), Brno (2001), Mallorca (2002), Lyon (2003), Crete (2004), Estoril (2005), Visegrad (2006), Aalborg (2007), Girona (2008), Hannover (2009), Guimarães (2010), Utrecht (2011), Avignon (2012), Leuven (2013), Castellon (2014), Lisbon (2015) and Helsinki (2016).

The program will offer parallel paper presentation sessions, keynote sessions, poster sessions and pre-conference workshops to share your ideas, explore on-going research, future developments, including state-of-the-art applications, and to network with the professionals from academia, industry, and government who are interested in promoting GI teaching and research activities among GI laboratories at the European level.

Societal geo-innovation is the theme for the 20th AGILE conference. Twenty years is an impressive time span in a rapidly changing society. The conference is a great event to discuss the embedding of geo-information in society: What has been the societal impact of geo-innovations over the past 20 years? What state-of-the art geo-information science topics will boost societal changes within the nearest future?  

We invite you on the new campus of Wageningen University from May 9th  until May  12th 2017 to discuss the geo-information science based lessons-learnt from the last 20 years and geo-information science expectations considering the next 20 years: the impact of geo-innovations on societal issues.

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