Two memoranda of understanding has been signed by the AGILE in Helsinki. First with University Consortium for Geographic Information Science (UCGIS) has been renewed for the next two-year period. The AGILE and the UCGIS agreed to continue cooperation in several organisational and scientific fields. One of the most important is to collaborate on the “GIS&T Body of Knowledge” Project developed by the UCGIS and supported by the GI-N2K project with the AGILE involvement. The MoU has been signed by Elisabeth A. Wentz, President of the UCGIS and by Martin Raubal, Co-chair of the AGILE.


The second MoU has been signed with the International Cartographic Association represented by Menno-Jan Kraak, President. The new MoU emphasises the scientific cooperation in the field of GISc and mapping. The AGILE organised a special panel session devoted to the International Map Year during the AGILE’2016 Conference in Helsinki. Menno-Jan Kraak wasone of the panellists and also a keynote speaker of the opening session of the Conference.