Dear AGILE members and friends,

If you have not yet registered to the AGILE'2017 in Wageningen, please consider to do it a.s.a.p.


Come to Wageningen NL for the 20th AGILE conference, 9-12 May!

  • Venue: Campus of Wageningen University & Research.
  • Register on  
  • Meet 200+ of your colleagues, check out
  • Received submissions: 18 Full papers, some 50 short papers and about 40 posters.
  • Each parallel presentation will have a 30 minute time slot including a "Grab the Globe eXperience”.
  • Programme, papers and posters will be accessible via the Yapp App (now being populated).
  • Download it for Android or iPhone from 
  • In addition, you'll get a copy of the Springer book.

Because of this anniversary there are extras to the programme:

  • Bicycles will be available to cycle to and from Campus
  • All United Nations Sustainable Development Goals posters will be on display
  • A Poster Award session: a professional jury and voting by app
  • The Gala Dinner is a course to course walking dinner for more social interaction during dinner
  • A special session about 20 AGILE conferences

We'd like to welcome you!

Jandirk Bulens and Frans Rip,
on behalf of the organizing committee