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Directions from all major airports


Directions to Wageningen UR buildings

Looking for the address of a building in Wageningen? All Wageningen UR buildings have an unique number. On the main roads in Wageningen you will find signs which will direct you to different clusters of buildings (for example, building numbers 100-200).



Parking at Wageningen Campus

On campus in Wageningen is ample parking within walking distance of the buildings. Near the buildings there are few parking spaces for the disabled and other groups. This map of the campus shows the right building and the nearest parking.



Event Locations

AGILE 2017 conference and related social events are all located in Wageningen easily reached by bicycle or by bus.

  • Pre-conference workshops and Conference venue: Forum Building on Campus (#102)
  • Lunches: Orion building on Campus (#103)
  • Opening reception: Hotel de Wereld, 5 mei plein 1, city centre Wageningen
  • Gala dinner: several locations in the centre of  Wageningen (all walking distance)




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