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Residential choices as a driving force to vertical segregation in Whitechapel    
Shlomit Flint
Assessing accuracy and geographical transferability of machine learning algorithms for environmental modelling         
Fabio Veronesi, Athina Korfiati, René Buffat and Martin Raubal
By Toutatis - 3D Building Maps for Everyone?!     
Laura Knoth, Bernhard Vockner and Manfred Mittlboeck
Distance Measure Based on Spatiotemporal Coexistence of Residents and Its Application to Urban Analysis  
Toshihiro Osaragi and Ayaka Murakami
Personal Activity Centres and Geosocial Data Analysis: Combining big data with small data
Colin Robertson, Rob Feick, Martin Sykora, Ketan Shankardass and Krystelle Shaughnessy
Towards automatic large-scale 3D building reconstruction: Primitive decomposition and assembly
Hai Huang and Helmut Mayer
Perspectives in externalizations of mental spatial representations         
Heinrich Löwen, Angela Schwering, Jakub Krukar and Stephan Winter
Situated Reference Resolution for Pedestrian Wayfinding Systems        
Jana Götze and Johan Boye
On Measures for Groups of Trajectories     
Lionov Wiratma, Marc van Kreveld and Maarten Löffler
Spatio-temporal Road Coverage of Probe Vehicles: a Case Study on Crowd-sensing of Parking Availability with Taxis  
Fabian Bock, Yuri Attanasio and Sergio Di Martino
Personal dimensions of landmarks
Eva Nuhn
A Big Geo Data Query Framework to Correlate Open data with Social Network Geotagged Posts
Gloria Bordogna, Steven Capelli and Giuseppe Psaila
Mining rainfall spatio-temporal patterns in Twitter: a temporal approach
Sidgley Andrade, Camilo Restrepo-Estrada, Alexandre Delbem, João Albuquerque and Eduardo Mendiondo
Investigating representations of places with unclear spatial extent in sketch maps     
Vanessa Joy Anacta, Mohammed Imaduddin Humayun, Angela Schwering and Jakub Krukar
Dynamic Transfer Patterns for Fast Multi-modal Route Planning  
Thomas Liebig, Sebastian Peter, Maciej Grzenda and Konstanty Junosza-Szaniawski
Follow the signs - countering disengagement from the real world during city exploration        
Markus Konkol, Christian Kray and Morin Ostkamp
The Effect of Regional Variation and Resolution on Geosocial Thematic Signatures for Points of Interest      
Grant McKenzie and Krzysztof Janowicz
When Granules are not enough in a Theory of Granularities        
Ricardo Almeida Silva, João Moura Pires and Maribel Yasmina Santos
Beyond Pairs: Generalizing the Geo-dipole for Quantifying Spatial Patterns in Geographic Fields
Rui Zhu, Phaedon Kyriakidis and Krzysztof Janowicz


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