AGILE 2017 - Best Papers & Posters

Best paper and best poster

The awards for the AGILE 2017 conference are:

Best full papers

Beyond Pairs: Generalizing the Geo-dipole for Quantifying Spatial Patterns in Geographic Fields
Rui Zhu, Phaedon Kyriakidis and Krzysztof Janowicz

3D Building Maps for Everyone—Mapping Buildings Using VGI
Laura Knoth, Bernhard Vockner and Manfred Mittlboeck

Follow the signs - countering disengagement from the real world during city exploration
Markus Konkol, Christian Kray and Morin Ostkamp

Best short papers

Energy-based Routing and Cruising Range Estimation for Electric Bicycles
Simon Haumann, Dominik Bucher and David Jonietz

Supporting Dynamic Labeling in Web Map Applications
Thomas Brinkhoff

Best posters

Winner of the jury:
Design of a multi-thematic small-scale community data panel
Stefan Kaup and Caroline Baumgart

Winner of the public:
City Data 3.0 – A generic initiative to promote and assess the reuse of geographic information in cities – Early steps. 
Fernando Benitez and Joaquín Huerta




Organizers 2017


Sponsors 2017


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