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Part 1 - Natural resource management and Earth observation

Evaluating spatial data acquisition and interpolation strategies for river bathymetries

     Robert Krüger, Pierre Karrasch and Lars Bernard

PLANTING: Computing High Spatio-Temporal Resolutions of Photovoltaic Potential of 3D City Models

     Syed Monjur Murshed, Amy Lindsay, Solène Picard and Alexander Simons

Interpolation of rainfall through polynomial regression in the Marche Region (Central Italy)

     Matteo Gentilucci, Carlo Bisci, Peter Burt , Massimilano Fazzini and Carmela Vaccaro

An Artificial Stream Network and Its Application on Exploring The Effect of DEM Resolution on Hydrological Parameters

     Haicheng Liu

Spatio-temporal analysis of mangrove loss in vulnerable islands of Sundarban World Heritage Site, India

     Biswajit Mondal and Ashis Kumar Saha


Part 2 - Volunteered Geographic Information and Participatory GIS

3D georeferencing of historical photos by volunteers

     Timothee Produit and Jens Ingensand

Patterns of consumption and connectedness in GIS Web sources

     Andrea Ballatore, Simon Scheider and Rob Lemmens

Charting the geographies of crowdsourced information in Greater London

     Andrea Ballatore and Stefano De Sabbata

Supporting the monitoring of cheetahs in Kenya by mobile map apps

     Jan Jedersberger, Christian Stern, Mary Wykstra, and Gertrud Schaab

Introducing Spatial Variability to the Impact Significance Assessment

     Rusne Sileryte, Jorge Gil, Alexander Wandl and Arjan van Timmeren

Development of System for Real-time Collection, Sharing, and Use of Disaster Information

     Toshihiro Osaragi and Ikki Niwa


Part 3 - Spatiotemporal Data Modelling and Data Mining

A Top-Down Algorithm with Free Distance Parameter for Mining Top-k Flock Patterns

     Denis Evangelista Sanches, Luis O. Alvares, Vania Bogorny, Marcos R. Vieira and Daniel S. Kaster

Optimization and Evaluation of a High Performance Open-Source Map-Matching Implementation

     Karl Rehr, Simon Gröchenig, and Michael Wimmer

Identifying and Interpreting Clusters of Persons with Similar Mobility Behaviour Change Processes

     David Jonietz, Dominik Bucher, Henry Martin and Martin Raubal

Mixed Traffic Trajectory Prediction Using LSTM–Based Models in Shared Space

     Hao Cheng and Monika Sester

A Framework for the Management of Deformable Moving Objects

    José Duarte, Paulo Dias and José Moreira


Part 4 - Quality and Uncertartainty of Geographic Information

A Positional Quality Control Test Based on Proportions

     Francisco Javier Ariza-López, José Rodríguez-Avi and Virtudes Alba-Fernández

Animation as a Visual Indicator of Positional Uncertainty in Geographic Information

     Carsten Keßler and Enid Lotstein


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