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AGILE 2019 Best Papers & Poster Awards


Best Full Paper Awards:

1st Prize:

Relaxing Unanswerable Geographic Questions Using a Spatially Explicit Knowledge Graph Embedding Model authored by Gengchen Mai, Bo Yan, Krzysztof Janowicz and Rui Zhu

2nd Prize:

Place Questions and Human-Generated Answers: A Data Analysis Approach authored by Ehsan Hamzei, Haonan Li, Maria Vasardani, Timothy Baldwin, Stephan Winter and Martin Tomko

3rd Prize:

- Towards a Usability Scale for Participatory GIS authored by Andrea Ballatore, Will McClintock, Grace Goldberg and Werner Kuhn


Best Short Paper Awards:

1st Prize:

Geographical Context in Community Detection: A Comparison of a Node-based and a Link-based Approach authored by Sebastijan Sekulić, Jed Long and Urska Demsar

2nd Prize:

Quantifying How Visibility-based Land Cover and Wilderness Measures Relate to Perceived Scenicness of Landscape authored by Yi-Min Chang Chien, Alexis Comber and Steve Carver


Best Poster Award:

- Metadata assessment for efficient open data retrieval authored by Chiao-Ling Kuo and Han-Chuan Chou 



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