AGILE 2021 - Accepted papers and posters

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Accepted papers

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Accepted posters

 Miguel Lourenço, Luis Oliveira, João Oliveira, André Mora, Henrique Oliveira and Rui Santos, An Innovative Decision Support System Adapted to the Portuguese Context in Forest Fire Suppression
 Dimitrios D. Alexakis, Christos Polykretis, Stelios Manoudakis, Manolis G. Grillakis and Konstantinos D. Seiradakis, Impact of intra-annual variabilities of rainfall erosivity and cover management factors on soil erosion assessment for Crete Island, Greece
3  Syed Miftah Zeya, Alexandros Theofanidis, Gabriel Dax and Martin Werner, Forest and Vegetation Monitoring using Sentinel-2 Imagery in the Northern Part of Democratic Republic of Congo
4  Savvas Chrysoulidis and Phaedon Kyriakidis, Enhancing Human Security through the GeoSpatioTemporal Profile (GeoSTeP) Assessment Tool
 Dimitra Stamou, Modern Urban Landscapes and the Fear of Crime: Exploratory analysis of structural, environmental and social components and their interdependencies
6  Nedjma Zahera Hadj Kaddour and Bouhadjar Meguenni, A collaborative platform for intelligent territorial mapping - Case of the city of Oran
7 Georgios Batsis, Georgios Petrakis, Georgios Stavrakakis, Panagiotis Partsinevelos, Optimal positioning of wave energy converters using deep learning and GIS
8  Dimitrios Kavouras, Evangelos Kavouras, Exploring the Coastal and Land Impactof Sea Level Rise in Cyclades (Student Poster)
9 Antonopoulos Angelos, Charokopos Zisis, Fotakis Tzanis, Partsinevelos Panagiotis, Design and implementation of a UAS localization and geolocation module