Project GeoThnk

AGILE is partner in the project GEOTHNK: Semantic Pathways for Building a Spatially-thinking Society. The project is led by the National Technical University of Athens.

GEOTHNK is a 2-year project under the Lifelong Learning Programme Erasmus of the EU (1/12/2013-30/11/2015). GEOTHNK consortium consists of 8 partners from 6 European countries from academic and non-academic sector. The project aims at enhancing spatial thinking through an innovative ICT-based approach and an open, collaborative educational environment and at offering a methodological approach which allows the interdisciplinary organization and semantic linkage of knowledge. The project’s innovation lies in the following: (i) transversal character (different target groups of educators and learners), (ii) transfer of recent geospatial research on semantics, ontologies, and knowledge visualization, as well as, innovative teaching methods, (iii) integration of knowledge (development of integrated blocks of knowledge), and (iv) interdisciplinary approach (semantic linkage of knowledge components from different disciplines).
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AGILE Special Interest Group on Geospatial Thinking

AGILE’s Special Interest Group on Geospatial Thinking was established in June 2014 in the framework of the GEOTHNK research project ( Spatial thinking is considered as a key ability for STEM disciplines. The goal of this initiative is to promote geospatial thinking in education and suggest ways to enhance it functioning as the central node, bringing together representatives from all education levels (both formal and informal); this way the initiative will set the building blocks for creating a spatially-aware society.
The SIG will coordinate and disseminate research efforts towards developing appropriate educational modules for teaching geospatial concepts and evaluating the level of spatial awareness in societal activities. Advantage will be taken by AGILE’s involvement in the GEOTHNK research project to support the exploitation of its results. This could include promoting and presenting work on geospatial thinking in sessions and workshops of the AGILE annual conference, organizing summer schools, getting involved in other EU Projects, and publishing special editions.

Contact: Marinos Kavouras (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)



AGILE is partner in the project Geographic Information – Need-to-Know (GI-N2K). The project is led by SADL/KU Leuven, one of our Members. Several other partners of the consortium are also member of AGILE.

GI-N2K is a project under the Lifelong Learning Programme Erasmus of the EU (1/10/2013-30/09/2016). GI-N2K is an extensive network of 31 partners from 25 countries from the academic and non-academic sector. The project aims to better align GI S&T curricula at the academic level and in vocational training offers, with the needs of the GI job market. The project analyses the current market demands and training offer in the GI S&T sector. A new version of the GI S&T Body of Knowledge (e-BoK) is being developed as a dynamic repository following an ontology approach. A series of tools are created and tested to maintain and use the e-BoK.
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