New Memoranda of Understanding

Two memoranda of understanding has been signed by the AGILE in Lund. First with University Consortium for Geographic Information Science (UCGIS) has been renewed for the next two-year period. The AGILE and the UCGIS agreed to continue cooperation in several organisational and scientific fields. One of the most important is to collaborate on the “GIS&T Body of Knowledge” a project developed by the UCGIS and supported by the EO4GEO project with the AGILE involvement. The MoU has been signed by Karen Kemp, President-Elect of the UCGIS and by Martin Raubal, Co-chair of the AGILE.

The second MoU has been signed with the International Cartographic Association represented by Sara Fabrikant,Vice- President. The prolonging MoU emphasises the scientific cooperation in the field of GISc and mapping. In January 2018 AGILE, ICA and EuroSDR organised together in Paris a workshop on Mapping Places for Digital Natives - Literature, practical experiences, perspectives.

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