Criteria for Membership

The AGILE Council wishes to encourage a wide membership from throughout the European academic geographic information community. Members may be involved in matters relating to cartography, computing, geographic analysis, socio-economic and environmental modelling, and surveying as well as application areas such as agriculture, forestry, geology, hydrology, market research, urban planning, transport and research on the legal and institutional issues associated with the use of geographic information technologies. Members can be based in academic institutions as well in other centres where geographic information research is carried out, for example, EU-funded, government funded and National Science Council funded centres. In all cases, however, it is the group rather than the individuals in that group who apply for membership.

Benefits of Membership

  • An opportunity to actively participate in the networks of European geographic information researchers that have been built up over the last few years as a result of AGILE related initiatives
  • The opportunity to influence the European geographic information research agenda.

In addition AGILE members are eligible for

  • Special rates at AGILE events including the annual conference and working group workshops;
  • The right to nominate candidates for election to the AGILE Council;
  • The right to propose and take part in AGILE initiatives or projects in which AGILE is active;
  • The right to use the AGILE name in your promotional material;
  • The right to use the AGILE communication channels (website, newsletter, mailing lists) to announce positions, training & research projects, etc…;
  • The right to apply for grants for attending AGILE Conference.

How to become a member

If you wish to become a member of AGILE and take part in the elections for the Council, you must return a completed Application form along with payment of a membership fee. To obtain a Membership Application, please contact the AGILE Secretary.

We hope that your group will take advantage of this opportunity to join AGILE and we look forward to meet you at one of our joint events.

Memoranda of Understanding

When signing a Memorandum of Understanding, the parties involved agree to cooperate in the following activities, which are to their mutual benefit: The dissemination of information and materials about each Organisation to members of the other. The right to refer to this Memorandum of Understanding in the promotional materials of each Organisation. The mutual exchange of official representatives to the principal annual meeting of each Organisation. Registration charges for official representatives will be waived. Any other activities agreed by the governing bodies of both organisations. MoUs are reviewed annually by the governing bodies of both organisations before being formally renewed.

Proposing an AGILE Initiative

To submit a proposal for AGILE Council support for Initiatives you need to do the following:

  1. Complete the Application Form. Indicate basic initiative attributes including responsible person, other proposed participants, planned start and end dates, expected results, etc.
  2. Send the form to the AGILE Council (to the secretary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The AGILE council will make a decision within 30 days regarding acceptance, rejection, or requesting further details. Requests for funding or other AGILE resources may take longer, as they normally have to be decided at face-to-face council meetings (approximately three times annually).
  3. Approved initiatives will be expected to utilize this web site and structure provided by the AGILE Council, i.e. the council does not encourage a proliferation of diverse websites, blogs, etc.
  4. Council will assign an AGILE Council member to monitor each Initiative.
  5. Approved initiatives are expected to provide basic documentation of achieved results to be published on the AGILE Initiative website and, if applicable, by additional other options.